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Perhaps happens that on a weekend, when you’re away from office work and are enjoying the day somewhere outside, you get a call from an unknown number and the unusual catalyst in you makes pick up that call thinking that it may be important. But when you pick it up a robotic message or an executive introduces himself/herself and before you say anything, offers you to buy a credit card or a personal loan for something. Activate block calls on iPhone – You annoyingly cut the call and for a second think if there’s a way to block such calls from marketing companies, banks or these robots. Well, no matter there are some steps to activate block calls on iphone.


Activate block calls on iPhone


Activate block calls on iPhone :


Activate Block calls on iphone is easy. On devices that use iOS 7 or later version, you can follow these simple steps:

-Open Settings app.

-General > Phone.

-Chose Calls > Call blocking & identification > Block Contact.


In case the contact is not saved in your contact list you can also activate block calls on iphone:

-Open the ‘Recents’ tab in the Phone app.

-Tap on the ‘i’ icon seen besides the number.

-Tap on the ‘Block this Caller’ tab.


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