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Cybersecurity is more important than ever. It is more apparent than ever that technology is gradually taking over every facet of our lives. Whether we are at home or travelling technology has some sort of involvement in our daily routine. It would not a stretch to say that we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology for better or worse. There is not a person in the world that doesn’t interact with it in some way. In that vein, we are seeing a proliferation of internet access that rivals the spread of the automobile and vaccines.


Technology today has more impact than almost any other industry. Truly, all industries are tech focused in that there are major components that rely on technology is some way or another. This is to say that manufacturing and medical are both highly dependent on technology along with almost every industry on the planet. Most employed people depend on the internet to work every day. Most unemployed depend on the internet to find work or jobs in their preferred arena. Every business owner must use the internet to stay competitive and function at all. The productivity gained by using technology cannot be ignored and if this is the case then our exposure will only grow. We go online over a billion times a day and that data at any time can be stolen and used against us for nefarious endeavors That’s why for safety purposes Cybersecurity is  more important than ever.



Luckily, there are methods that can be employed to secure your data and prevent a total upheaval of your life and essential that Cybersecurity is  more important than ever any policy. Firstly, there is the age-old advice of good password policy that is not used very widely despite its effectiveness against hackers.


This, in effect, is the process of calling people on the phone and lying about who they are to get information. They will also, occasionally, pose as other people to gain physical access to sensitive locations in a business e.g. server rooms, IT desks, etc. There is not much that can be done about social hacking except having a keen eye and discerning ear, but, aside from that a strong password can deflect many other attacks.So the feature of  Cybersecurity is more important than ever.


Strong passwords can grow up the Cybersecurity is more important than ever and can defend against brute force attacks and spoofing, contextually of course, as the effort required to break them is often incredible and beyond the scope of most hackers. To be clear, a strong password uses mixed cases and a combination of numbers and letters along with special characters. They should never be shorter than 8 characters and should always be kept in secret with either a password protector or physical safe storage location.


Another great strategy to Cybersecurity is more important than ever and to defend yourself with is the use of proxies. Now proxies can do a lot of good, but, are also widely used by hackers, so in effect, you are fighting fire with fire. Proxy services, such as VPNBook, use private network filtering to protect your identity and location while you browse the internet. These can be great against hackers and those who want to steal your data for marketing or political purposes.


It is highly recommended to use a proxy at home and, if one is not already implemented, make sure that your company uses a proxy as well so that business records are not compromised either. Ultimately Cybersecurity is more important than ever today because the internet is now a channel into your private life that almost anyone can access. This fact, mixed with broad proliferation of internet-based technology, leads us to importance of cybersecurity. As long as you are willing to implement strong password and use a proxy service then you can defend yourself against one of the greatest threats we face as a unified people.

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