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San Francisco: Now mobile airbag could prevent your phone for damage. Cracked smartphone displays might shortly become a factor of the past because of Associate in Nursing innovative mobile case created by a German engineering student that acts like Associate in Nursing airbag to guard born phones from smashing.

The case, created by Duke of Edinburgh Frenzel of Aalen University in Federal Republic of Germany, senses once a phone is during a free fall and deploys tiny legs to guard it from harm, The Telegraph according on Sunday.

The shock-absorbers within the four corners of the case don’t create the case look odd as they lie flat within the case in traditional things. They get free only the case senses a free fall.

mobile airbag could prevent your phone:

The student engineered the sensors that discover the free fall of the mobile phone and developed a metal spring that unfolds throughout the autumn and also the power and energy cushions the autumn, per a report within the German publication Preview on-line. The dampers cane be collapsable in manually when a fall and square measure reusable.

For his invention, known as “AD Case” wherever AD stands for “active damping”, ‘mobile airbag could prevent your phone’,  Frenzel won a reward from the German Mechatronics Society.
He expects to launch the device on Kickstarter this month beside another student at the university.

Frenzel based a start-up along side Peter Mayer, a graduate in political economy from Aalen University, so as to launch his “AD Case” as a product.

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