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WhatsApp is intending to introduce a new feature for users – ” WhatsApp granted users to new way to open chats of whatsapp without opening the app” that will allow users to directly open personal chat windows without open the app.  It was first spotted by WABetaInfo, the feature operates via a new domain, that can be opened up as a short link on a smartphone. It is available on WhatsApp Android version 2.18.138.


New way to open chats of whatsapp –


WhatsApp also recently rolled out a new sticker album feature for its beta users. The sticker feature is not yet available to those who have not signed up to the beta program but it is expected to enabled in the next release, as per the report by WaBetaInfo. The feature groups two stickers in a row and the report adds that WhatsApp is currently working to improve the Sticker feature before its public release. The feature will help WhatsApp users save space in the chat if they send more than one sticker.


The domain name that enables this feature is This is basically a shortlink of, which is used to generate the WhatsApp Web experience.  Now no need to open the app for private chat.

Here, a private chat will open when one enters a contact’s 10-digit mobile number onto the link. The Android version 2.18.138 version of WhatsApp will be able to open the chat, without needing a browser.


New way to open chats of whatsapp


Under the older versions of WhatsApp, the URL link will redirect users to, that will make the selected chat available. While using this feature, the users will also get notified about whether the selected number is registered on WhatsApp or not.

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