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Now WhatsApp has recently extended the beta for automaton two.18.214, that comes with a ‘Mark as Read’ crosscut directly within the notification centre. the corporate recently introduced varied new options to cluster video job, forwarded message feature et al. “Now WhatsApp has recently extended beta” It appears that company isn’t done nevertheless and is functioning to introduce a brand new feature known as ‘Mark as read’ for notifications.

Basically, as of currently once you receive those short, conversation-ending messages, that you browse in your notification and don’t have anything to feature to, you’ll be able to clear them from your notifications. once you open the app, they are still marked as uninformed at intervals WhatsApp, unless you head to the app and so mark them as browse.

According to a Twitter account that tracks changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds states that the WhatsApp beta version for the automaton users consists of this feature. As per the web site the new feature can modify the users to mark incoming messages as browse directly from the notification drawer.

Now WhatsApp has recently extended beta

The feature can save plenty of your time of the user as currently they’re going to be ready to mark browse any message while not gap it. The Twitter account more highlights that the feature isn’t nevertheless created accessible within the beta version because it wants some enhancements. The screenshots shared show the “Mark as Read” button placed next to the “Reply” button on the notifications drawer.

Once this feature is rolled-out, the instant you receive a link to a web site on WhatsApp, the app can do a background check of the link to the web site and can warn you if it finds one thing suspicious. “When WhatsApp detects a suspicious link, the message is marked with a red label,” says a report in WaBetaInfo. The red label can indicate that either it’s spam or phishing link or is redirecting to a pretend news web site. Sometimes, third-party links will direct to malicious web site that transfer malware within the background

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