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One problem occure with paytm – that is internet connection “Online Process” problem, but Now the owner of  Paytm, digital payment major, announced the launch of its offline payments solution – the Paytm Tap Card,

Company’s goal is provide seamless payments solutions for customers those not have an internet connection.

This card uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to enable safe and more easy digital payments, completely offline at Paytm-issued NFC PoS terminals in under a second.


To make payments, users can add money from their PAYTM  account by scanning the QR code on the Paytm Tap Card and by authenticating it at any of the add value machines (AVM).


Paytm Tap Card is a key result that also directs any network related queries at the consumers’ or merchants’ end. In the attempt to ease out payments, Paytm is collaborating with social events, educational institutes, and corporates function in the first phase to facilitate quick digital payments using this card.

The customer has to simply tap the card at a merchant point to pay, contribution them a mode of payment through Paytm even while they are not with their phones.

It is a shame for digital payment of every day life.  Now most of the people use internet connection,  but today there are number of people who don’t have network connection because of cost of internet connection.

So, they feel sad and think that they are not able to use online payment. On other hand “We are aggressively pushing digital payments to users from every walk of life.

For these reasons, we offer the Paytm Tap Card to enable seamless offline payments. COO of Paytm ” Kiran Vasireddy” said that –

For ensuring a wider acceptance, we are also reaching out to the merchants and are actively enabling them with NFC PoS terminals to accept payments without Tap Card.

This is a true testimony of our commitment to understanding the needs of our users and creating innovative solutions around it.

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