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Safety device for cabs can work without internet – Coder In Me

 A number of students and professors of BENGALURU has come up with tamper-proof safety device, that is “Safety device for cabs can work without internet” which can be integrated with the central-locking system of cars and can work without the internet.


The device was made by associate dean Rakesh SG, and head of Amrita School of Engineering College, along with another professor and three engineering students.


  Safety device for cabs can work without internet technology –

Rakesh SG explaining the technology, said, “This device is a simple chip add-on to the inbuilt central-locking system in cars. Safety device for cabs can work without internet is useful for passengers for that no need to internet connection.


In which, There are just two switches on the roof of the car, which can be easily accessed by passengers or riders. One is a check button that allows the passenger to ascertain whether the safety device is working and not tampered with when she/he gets into the vehicle.

The other is the panic button when pressing on it, the vehicle sets off an alarm to people around so that they can reach the passenger for help.”


Safety device for cabs can work without internet



A mechanical engineering student Jaya Krishna Teja, said,”We don’t plan to make the business out of this device. But we would like to push the transport department to make it mandatory for car manufacturers to make it as an inbuilt feature.

The device has scope to add some more features like including a GPRS sim card and sending SMS to the nearest police station.”


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