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Scientists have formulated a new algorithm design that is SmartWatch Tracker, that facilitates smartwatches to not only record your exercise session but also an advance facility to detect when you are brushing your teeth or cooking,  that will provide a richer and more realistic picture of your daily life.


Advantage of this smart watch tracker is that – it recognize most of the activities of your daily routine life.

It is a advanced version of other smart watches, that can recognize limited number of perticular activities.


A new method, developed by researchers from the University of Sussex in the UK, permits the technology to discover activities as they happen, not just simply when exercising, but also when brushing your teeth or cutting vegetables.




Universal models “cluster”  together bursts of liveliness to estimate what a person has been doing,  and for how long, researchers said.


For instance,

A series of continuous steps may be clustered into a walk. Where they falter is that they do not account for pauses in the activity.

And so, a walk interrupted with two short stops would be clustered into three separate walks.


SmartWatch Tracker is useful for those,  who forget the things that are related to daily life. Here this tracker track the all activities of daily life routine.


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