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Taiwanese corporation Synology publishes two backup apps in its Active Backup suite. The apps are Active Backup for Office 365 that supports SaaS cloud backup and Active Backup for Business that provides data availability for workloads in physical and virtual environments.


“More and more companies and organizations are operating over physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. This phenomenon presents a tremendous challenge to IT departments for ensuring the safety of the growing data in this cross-platform environment,” said Jia-Yu Liu, director of application group at Synology Inc. “To tackle this problem provides a new, all-in-one solution by Synology publishes two backup apps that closely integrates software and hardware for businesses of varying scale.”



According to the company, Synology publishes two backup apps and Active Backup for Office 365 employs single instancing technology to not only help businesses with the management and availability of Office 365 data but to also significantly lower the space occupied by backups. The content search function is particularly geared towards combing through content in mail and attachments, enabling users to find the mail in need of recovery in the shortest possible time. So, some key features of Active Backup for Office 365 as per Synology are supporting for multiple Office 365 endpoints, granular restoration, search and export from the self-service portal, backup and storage efficiency like single instancing, block-level duplication etc.



In contrast, Active Backup for Business integrates multiple technologies adopted by DiskStation Manager (DSM). For Btrf file system, Synology has developed the Global Deduplication function and also  Synology publishes two backup apps to greatly reduce the required storage for backup. The company says that integration with Virtual Machine Manager allows NAS backups of physical servers or virtual machines to directly run on DSM, maximizing the availability of data and applications. Hence, some key features of this backup as per the company are Active Backup agent utility for PC and server protection, virtual machine protection with VMware vSphere info, Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for incremental backups in place of full backups, built-in global deduplication, integration with Synology VMM etc.


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