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The update version V2.18.159 of WhatsApp comes

with Media Visibility & Contacts Shortcut features

This is a description of The update version of WhatsApp. The media visibility feature enables users to choose the visibility of shared media files. Users will have the option of modifying the settings from WhatsApp Settings option, Data and Storage Usage option, where they will have a new option called Media Visibility. Once a user enables the option, then they will see all the downloaded media in gallery outside of WhatsApp. However, disabling the option would hide all the downloaded media. Users will be able to see the media within the app but not in the gallery.In this way Whatsapp comes with Media Visibility & Contacts Shortcut features for Android.

The update version of WhatsApp :

Another feature which comes with the update is of contact shortcut, addition to new group. Pressing the shortcut will enable the user to quickly create a new contact. These features are in beta mode and are not available for everyone presently because a new bug was reported in WhatsApp, which was allowing the blocked contacts to send messages to users who have blocked them. Apart from sending messages, the blocked contacts were also able to see and read the status of the person who have blocked them. The company later acknowledged the bug and said, “We are aware of the issue and are rolling out a fix.” This is how Whatsapp comes with Media Visibility & Contacts Shortcut features for Android.

In case you are also facing the some issue and want a quick solution for it, then you can do one thing. First unblock the contact that you have blocked earlier and now block it again. This temporary fix will solve the problem for the time being.

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